I would go skinny dipping if guys weren’t such horny fools and my girls were down. I have no shame. I am totally comfortable with my body. Haha. Js.

Finally fucking 18.

Happy birthday to me bitches. Fuckin’ thrilled. August 13th<3

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Song Playlist.

Wade in your water - Common Kings
Shake it off - Florence and the machine
You & Me - SOJA
Heart it races - Dr.Dog
Disparate Youth - Santigold
Bloom - Paper kites
How we do(Party & Bullshit) - Rita Ora
Young Blood - The Naked & Famous
*Just added: Perfect Day - Awa ft Anuhea

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Going to hike Makapuu Lighthouse at 4am.

Yayy! I can’t wait to watch the sunrise. It’s going to be amazing since it’s the first time I’ve ever hiked this. I’m so stoked and excited it’s crazy.